NVIDIA GTC 2023 Trip Report

Conor Hoekstra · March 24, 2023

This will be a short “trip report” on the talks I watched over the week of the virtual GTC 2023 (March 20 - 24). All talks are freely available online. You can read my GTC trip report from 2022 here.


Summary (Watched)

Speaker(s) Talk
Huang 🌟⭐GTC 2023 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang image
Jones ⭐ How to Write a CUDA Program
Buck Advances in Accelerated Computing for AI & Scientific Computing
Jones ⭐ CUDA: New Features and Beyond (2023)
Huang & Suskever ⭐ Fireside Chat with Ilya Sutskever and Jensen Huang: AI Today and Vision of the Future
Lelbach C++ Standard Parallelism

Haven’t Watched Yet

Speaker(s) Talk
Ramani & Cecka Developing Optimal CUDA Kernels on Hopper Tensor Cores
Larkin No More Porting: GPU Computing with Standard C++ and Fortran
Catanzaro Generative AI Demystified
Harris Robust and Efficient CUDA C++ Concurrency with Stream-Ordered Allocation
Lee cuNumeric and Legate: How to Create a Distributed GPU Accelerated Library

🌟 Keynote
Best talks / CWEs
image Available on YouTube

GTC Keynote

Speaker: Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA


How to Write a CUDA Program

Speaker: Stephen Jones

This was a great talk, especially if you are new to CUDA. It walks you through a building a simple CUDA program in steps:

  1. Downloading CUDA and the CUDA toolkit
  2. Writing a “hello world” GPU kernel
  3. Determining the number of blocks and threads for your kernel (image below)
    • When in doubt, use a block size of 256
    • Corollary: avoid block sizes smaller than 128 if you can
  4. Using NVIDIA Nsight Systems for profiling and analysis


⭐ CUDA: New Features and Beyond (2023)

Speaker: Stephen Jones

This is a summary of the latest and greatest things in CUDA and the CUDA ecosystem. Highlights include:

  • Overview of cuNumeric and Legate
  • Overview of CUTLASS 3.0 and CuTe
  • Overview of NVIDIA GPU Computing Tools

and much more!


C++ Standard Parallelism

Speaker: Bryce Adelstein Lelbach

This talk is largely the same as Bryce’s GTC 2022 with the same name. However, it has been updated, as shown by the slide below. ⬇️


Hope to See You Next Year!

This was my fourth virtual GTC I have “attended” since joining NVIDIA back in 2019. I’ve got my fingers crossed that in 2024 we will be able to attend in person and I can meet some of you there!

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